Women Uniting for Humanity:
A Power Such as the World Has Never Known

In the 1880's, British poet and philosopher Matthew Arnold made a profound declaration regarding the untapped potential and healing power of women: 

If ever the world sees a time where women shall come together purely and simply for the benefit of humankind, it will be a power such as the world has never known."    ~Matthew Arnold

Today these prophetic words reverberate with urgency and truth, as women across the planet ask themselves "What is the nature of this unique responsibility and power we hold? How can we marshal it on behalf of the common good? 

How can our world transition from a paradigm of power, scarcity, separation and fear to one of cooperation, abundance, interdependence and love? How do natural systems, indigenous principles and feminine wisdom converge to serve in the re-balancing and restoration of our planet for the well-being of ALL? What is our role as women and as co-leaders in full partnership with men? What are the internal and external challenges standing in our way? 

What is our vision for the future?

What would we do TODAY if we knew we could not fail?

Join us in this collaborative conversation and Journey.

 Heed The Call.


~ ~ ~

Urgent Message from Mother:

Women Uniting supporter and Women's Peace Advocate Jean Bolen speaks on the need for Unity.


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