The concept of Entrepreneurial Leadership was first introduced in 2000 by McGrath and MacMillan who suggested that in dynamic markets where there is increased uncertainty and competitive pressure a new type of leader is required. They described this as the "entrepreneurial leader". These fast changing markets or situations give those with an "entrepreneurial" approach the ability to exploit opportunities to gain advantage for their organisation faster than others.

Entrepreneurial leadership is most often defined as "organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal using proactive entrepreneurial thinking and behavior by optimizing opportunities and managing (perhaps leveraging) risk to take advantage of opportunities, taking personal responsibility for strategy, action and direction, and manging change withing a dynamic environment for the benefit of oneself, the organization and others. 

Such leadership aims to cultivate entrepreneurial individuals and teams that fully leverage their creative potential in creating value for the organization, and ultimately the world. Entrepreneurial leadership does this by employing leadership practices that "develop the ability in oneself and one's employees to self generate, self-reflect and self-correct in their venture and workplace.  

How does Entrepreneurial Leadership intersect with Feminine Leadership and Collaborative Leadership principles and models?