A Personal Invitation...

Dear Women of the World:

We recognize you as visionaries, change agents and emissaries of faith in action. Your life and life's work speak for itself: You care deeply about your families and the planet, and you are committed to Serve. We acknowledge you for all you are doing to improve and heal our world. We need your Leadership. And we need to unite our hearts, hands and wisdom to one another as never before. None of us are able to make this Shift alone. We must rise to this moment with Intention, together.

NOW IS THE TIME..."to come together purely and simply for the good of humankind." This exciting moment and sobering responsibility falls to you and I -- and we are ready for the task. We welcome your Presence and participation in our ongoing series gatherings, workshops and retreats for fellowship, co-creation, and "Conversations that can change the world." TM

We look forward to connecting and collaborating on behalf of our common good.

Women Uniting for Humanity 
The Power to Change Our World

email: womenuniting@mail.com