Women Uniting is a network of networks that seeks to connect and coalesce women, girls and families -- alongside committed men across the globe -- to honor our universal call, the call to co-create a world that works for ALL. Our goal is to explore and activate the intrinsic links between Authentic Leadership, Social Innovation and Collective Action to transform our planetary challenges and generate a higher quality of life. We are energizing and adding support to this movement of movements via a series of historic and 'herstoric' conversations and dialogues, online-platforms and educational forums, intimate circle gatherings, salons and retreats, and through dynamic national and global conferences and town-halls.

Our Current Seminar Series, Dialogues and Action Themes include:
Urgent Message from Mother: Heal the Planet, Save the World

Sacred Partnership: Women Standing Together with Men

Our Creative COmmons: CoExistence, Co-0peration and Co-Creation for COllective Good (R) 

Connecting Across Generations:  Reweaving a Fabric of Truth, Generosity and Trust

"In Search of Beloved Community" (R) A Vision for Compassion, Restoration, Resilience and Peace 

Universal Human Rights: A Call to Dignity and Equality for All

The Generosity Principle: Reseeding a Caring Economy that Works for All

The Puzzle: Discovering and Connecting your "Peace" of the Sacred Universal Design

The Women's World Conference Alliance - One Billion Women Uniting for Humanity

The Transpartisan Dialogues: A Call to True Democracy, Interdependence and A New American Dream

Business, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation:
Change the Rules, Change the Models, Change the World

Harmony as Unity: Rhythms of an Interdependent World

Conscious Capitalism: Business as a Sustainable Force for Good

Co-Operative and Collaborative Economies (R): Living and Thriving Together

The Art of Feminine Leadership

Why Women's Leadership Matters in Business and the World

Honoring the Masculine and the Feminine: Our Path to Wholeness, Integration and Balance

The Power of Partnership: The Age of Conscious Co-Creation (R)

Feminine Rising: The Dawn of the Sophia Century

Faith in Action: Interfaith Dialogues on Religion, Spirituality and the Call to Global Activism

Collaborative Leadership: Sharing the Mantle of Power

Valuing Feminine Leadership: Integrating the Essential "Soft Skills" in Women and Men

Women, Money and Power: Conversations on Values, Vision and Worth

Complimentary Currencies and The New Economic Paradigm:
Participating, Cooperating and Co-Creating Success

Give Her Credit: Tributes to Women that Can Change the World

Truth and Reconciliation: Restorative Justice Circles and Healing the Wounds of Our Past
Social Innovation: Building Resilient Sustainable Cities and Collaborative Communities

Right Relationship: A Pathway to Peace through the Power of WE

The Pursuit of Happiness: Reawakening the Dream

Power and Grace: Interdependence and Leadership in a New World

Celebrating the Masculine, Honoring the Feminine

Conscious Parenting

The Reciprocal Economy (R): Sustainable Prosperity in a Win-Win World (R)

Innovation Ecosystems: Synergy by Design(R)

Women on Board: The Call to Equity, Diversity and Co-Leadership in All Areas of Society

Sustainable Development Goals - A Roadmap for Global Change

The Elephant Dialogues (R)

The Truth About Series (R)  (Women, Money, Power, Sex, Men, Race, Religion, Shame, Competition and More)

The Evolution of Marriage (R)

The Evolution of Eve (R)

Global Dialogue Series: Co-Creating the Future We Want

One Island Music Festivals (R)

The Technologies of Change (R)

Others to be announced
Participants include fellow visionaries, change agents, entrepreneurs, business and non-profit directors, faith-based and socially-conscious networks; youth and elders; company executives, program developers and representatives from all sectors. (Women and Men)
Our Intention...To share openly and listen deeply to both our individual and collective wisdom.
Our Goal...To connect, reflect and share our visions of a sustainable future and what each of us is learning about new paradigms of power and feminine leadership, and to act with intention to create the future we want.

Our Process...To exchange information related to our missions and key initiatives; create new alignments and strategies that integrate all contributions and gifts; and elevate each project and initiative to a higher level of effectiveness and capacity.
Our Commitment...Is to speak truth with courage and compassion, to listen for what is emerging and what is standing in our way; to seek direction from a place of clarity and wisdom; and to engage a process of collective visioning that weaves together a world that can work for all.


Feminine Wisdom is Rising ~ OUR TIME IS NOW!! 


 Women Uniting will be convening a series of intimate retreats, dialogues, salons, and performance events across the US and abroad. Please contact us if you would be interested in attending, co-sponsoring or co-hosting an event in your area.