"My Peace of the Vision"
Co-Creating A More Compassionate and Sustainable World 
Women Uniting for Humanity held it's first Seed Gathering at the Omega Institute.  During this gathering (and others since) leaders and participants were invited to share their piece of The Grand Puzzle, their "Peace" of a Sacred Vision of a more conscious, compassionate and sustainable world. Each woman's expression was creative and beautiful, yet it was not until all our pieces came together in right relationship to each others that the scope and power of a Universal Design came fully into view.
Every individual is born with a unique gift, an encoded element of creative genius, that represents an essential piece of the Sacred Planetary Puzzle. And when we bring our piece of the vision and code together, our hopes, intentions and actions become transformed into a vibrant Living Reality. 

Our piece of the sacred vision creates peace in ourselves and peace in the world.

Now is the time bring our wisdom, passions, and "peace" into conscious relationship in order to coordinate as a cohesive Whole.  We invite you to join us in this evolutionary exploration of the power of vision, action and unity through "collaborative conversations that can change our world."

What is YOUR peace of this vision for a just, compassionate and sustainable world that cares and works for all? We can make this change together -- one person, one community at a time.

Our thanks to visionary author and teacher Carol Hansen Grey for her offerings and inspired creativity! Her Smilebox certainly lives up to it's name!



close ups and slide-show available at


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Photo Instructions:

Lay the art piece on the floor, on a dark or solid color background if possible, and take the photo from straight above. Crop to center. Or, hang the piece on a solid color wall at eye level and take a photo, again straight on. Please do NOT take the photo with the art piece propped up against something at an angle.  This will cause the shape to become distorted in the photo and it will be difficult to put it into a larger art piece or slideshow.  (Thanks to Carol Hansen Grey for these tips.) 

If your photo is already here (thanks to Carol), please send a quick note letting us know which one belongs to you. Also, if you would like to share a BRIEF insight into "Your Peace of the Vision", please send that as well. Please keep number of words to 15 if possible. (30-50 at most).

We may also be recording your voice and/or video to narrate your piece/peace down the road.

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Upload Your Photos to Flickr.com and send a link,

or email them directly to womenuniting@mail.com