Founders Circle & Co-Conveners

Kimberly King - Co-Founder
Kimberly King is an award-winning social entrepreneur, strategy consultant and global change agent. An advocate for social justice and universal human rights, Kimberly has served as a founding member for numerous networks, organizations and initiatives including: the Global Action Network, The Women's Peace Alliance, Alliance for a New Humanity, Stand Up and Vote, One Future One Planet, Give Her Credit, and So Kids Can Dream.

King's ground-breaking education, cause-marketing and multi-media outreach campaigns have helped generate both awareness and action on issues ranging from infant mortality, women's and public health, peace and security, voting and democracy, gender and cultural equality, and violence against women and girls working on behalf of the United Nations Development Fund, UN Foreign Population Fund (UNFPA) UNESCO, UNICEF and others. Ms. King has created and supported numerous micro-finance and economic development programs in developing countries, and has been a facilitator and key organizer for numerous women's conferences, dialogue events and community-change forums across six continents. 

Kimberly currently serves as Executive Director and Co-Founder of One Island Institute, President of The Peace Company, and Managing Principle of Visionary Joint Ventures. She serves as Advisor to the Alliance for Peacebuilding, US Women Connect, The Interfaith Observer & Network, the Happiness Initiative, and Women, Faith and Development Alliance. Kimberly is an NGO representative and Major Groups Advisor for the UN Commission on the Status of Women and is an honored recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Global Humanitarian Award.

Dr. Lauren J. Oliver - Co-Founder

Dr. Lauren Oliver received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UCLA and her Baccalaureate degree from Harvard University. She currently provides coaching and organization development consultations for leaders, businesses, organizations, families, and individuals. She was co–founder with Dr. Simmons of the California nonprofit Support Group Network. Dr.Oliver is co–authoring, with Dr. Simmons, a book focusing on the emotional health and well–being of families. In addition, Dr. Oliver and Dr. Simmons are developing and conducting Beyond Romance, Making Love Last enrichment workshops for couples.

Dr. Oliver's career spans twenty–five years in clinical psychology, organization development, management, training and education. She was the architect of the training and development system for the Toyota–GM joint venture, New United Motors Manufacturing Inc. She was Director of Training for NUMMI for over eight years. She developed key programs at NUMMI that included leadership development, team building, problem solving and continuous improvement.

As an internal Executive Consultant for PG&E for 4 years, Dr. Oliver was involved with change management, initiating the Action Forum model for cross–functional management–employee teams to make major improvements in safety, quality and cost reduction. Following her work at PG&E, Dr. Oliver provided external consulting in organization development and management development to South Korean and U.S. firms. She became an executive consultant for Personnel Decisions International, Inc., and headed the executive coaching function for the San Francisco office, serving Hewlett–Packard, PG&E, Cisco Systems, and other Silicon Valley corporations.

Nancy Fritsche Eagan - Co-Founder
Nancy Fritsche Eagan is a facilitator and consultant and Art of Hosting Practitioner. She is also the founder of People Potential and All MY Sisters. 

Nancy founded People Potential (in 1983) and All My Sisters (in 2005) to focus on supporting shared governance, social justice and intentional change and growth within families, schools, communities and organizations. Her emerging work focuses on local and global women’s economic and leadership development; inter-generational and shared governance models; educational reform and sustainable community development. Some of her recent collaborations include diversity training with Spectrum Consulting Group; leadership development projects at the NYC Citywide Leadership Training Center and at Children’s Aid Society; organizational development and implementation of The Sanctuary Model® at Good Shepherd Services; promoting youth development and collaborative leadership at Multiple Pathways sites in NYC alternative high schools; and supporting Handcrafting Justice and other women’s economic projects. Over the last 3 years Nancy participated in learning journeys in South Africa and with the Halifax health care system. Nancy is a specialist in Project Management, Participatory Leadership Development and Collaborative Team Building. She uses the tools and principles of the Art of Hosting in her work. Nancy is a specialist in Project Management, Participatory Leadership Development and Collaborative Team Building. 


Michelle Woodward - Co-Founder and Co-Convener 

Michelle Woodward is a gifted Life Coach, Intuitive and Reiki Master who thrives on developing her client's capacity, purpose, and vision. She has spent the past two decades engaged in the exploration of ancient and modern wisdom for transformation. She is passionate about supporting people to extend their reach and become even more the "you" they dreamed possible!

Michelle offers a range of services – from individual coaching and consulting to workshops, events, media and public speaking. - all with a fun, grounded perspective to intentional and conscious living. Michelle focuses on the energetic and intuitive levels where it is often easier and faster to resolve and/or release obstacles than doing so on the conscious level alone. In just a few sessions with Michelle clients break through unconscious blocks or get resolution of an issue. Co-creating with Michelle, you'll adventure into the world of subtle energy and awaken your energetic nature enabling you to tap the vitality, harmony and pleasure that are your birthright. When you have a clean, clear and harmonious energy field, you Sparkle! And the world needs your sparkle now!

Lorraine Cook - Co-Founder and Co-convener

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Dr. Hazel Henderson - Advisor

Dr. Monica Sharma - Advisor

Dr. Gloria Lane - Advisor

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen - Advisor