Join educators, experts, thought leaders and global change agents and in a broad-ranging conversation about an old ideal, the pursuit of happiness! In July, 2011, the United Nations urged all member nations to make “the pursuit of happiness” the goal of their governments and find ways to measure their success. Don’t miss this exciting conference exploring the potential of this new movement. At this conference you’ll...

Learn about the vital new worldwide movement for happiness
Learn about the connection between happiness and sustainability
Find out about how you can use the Happiness Initiative to improve your community
Help plan “Pursuit of Happiness Day” (April 13) for 2013
Hear prominent authors including Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss; Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life;
Cecile Andrews, Less is More; John de Graaf, Affluenza.
Meet leaders of happiness movement in the US, including Laura Musikanski, director of the Happiness Initiative, Tom Barefoot of GNH USA, Dr. Ryan Howell, creator of the Happiness Initiative survey, and Kimberly King, President of The Peace Company and founder of the Happy Women Initiative.
Workshops will explore Happiness and Health, Compassion, Environment, Mental Health, Education, Arts and Culture, Finances, Government, Time Balance, Social Connection, Government and Workplace Satisfaction.